Welcome to Daugavpils!

Rihards Eigims I am glad to welcome you to Daugavpils – the second largest city of Latvia and definitely the city of the most diverse cultural life in Latvia. We are happy to host orienteering sportsmen from all over the world during the World Orienteering Championships in 2018.
Daugavpils has very old and rich traditions of orienteering sports, which we are proud of. That is why I am sure that we will ensure appropriate infrastructure and management of the Championship.
Historically, people of different ethnicities, religion and attitude to life have been living here, in Daugavpils. We consider this diversity to be our largest treasure, we value high the unique personality of our city.
It is a special honour for us to host orienteering competition for people with disabilities. I hope that these sportsmen will inspire local inhabitants to be active and to live their lives, to appreciate every single moment.
Daugavpils is not like other cities of Latvia, it is peculiar in its own way, and I am sure that participants of the Championship will enjoy staying here and will have enough time to get aquianted with it.
Chairman of the Daugavpils City Council Rihards Eigims.

Dear orienteering friends!

Viesturs TamuzsWe are living at a time of astounding changes. A number of undisputable truths are changing; mankind is experiencing an ever increasing progress. Trail orienteering has an enormous potential in terms of introducing changes in the way how the society thinks. As far as I know, trail-O is the first and, up to now, the sole sport where physically extremely advanced athletes and people with special needs compete in outdoor settings as equals. The opportunity to prove this actual equality aspect is the main reason why orienteers in Latvia are happy and honoured to organize the World Trail Orienteering Championships.
We want to organize the best and most interesting Trail-O World Championships. We have already designed extremely interesting courses. We have invented and now are implementing advanced technical and IT solutions for taking them. We hope that these WTOC2018 technical innovations after certain time will allow turning Trail-O into a dynamic sport that is thrilling to watch both for spectators on site and on TV.
Next year, Latvia will be the world epicentre of orienteering. At the beginning of August, we are organizing both the WTOC2018 and WOC2018. We have arranged the event schedule in a way so that also the WTOC2018 competitors are able to take part in the WOC2018 key events and experience the positive aura of the world’s vast orienteering community.
The WTOC2018 competitions will take place in Latvia’s second largest city Daugavpils. It is a very sportive town and also rich in various cultural objects. The management of city is very supportive for organizing the event. We have agreed on a number of infrastructure improvements so that all WTOC2018 participants feel equally comfortable when competing and staying in Daugavpils.
President of the Latvian Orienteering Federation - Viesturs Tamužs.


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