IOF visits the WOC2018 organising team in Sigulda

A few weeks ago, three representatives of the IOF Office took their customary trip to visit the upcoming WOC organisers. This time, they made their way to Sigulda in Latvia, to meet the WOC 2018 organising team.

The team from the IOF Office consisted of Sports Administrator David Wästlund, SG/CEO Tom Hollowell, WOC Senior Event Adviser Daniel Leibundgut and Office Administrator and Anti-Doping Officer Kirsty McIntyre. They visited the key persons from the organising team present, for example Jānis Lazdāns, Event Director, Inese Purgaile, Event Secretary , Girts Mamis, Finances, Aija Pakalna, Media, Daniels Karklins, Technical Director, and Karina Putnina, ceremonies, among others.

In smaller groups they discussed everything from communication, media and ceremonies to arenas, embargoed areas and courses. In the afternoon, they visited different potential locations for the all important athlete party.

“For many organisers, it’s the first time they are organising WOC. We in the IOF Office, however, do it every year.” Tom Hollowell started off by saying. “It’s important to note that this is not an inspection, but rather an opportunity for the organisers and the office to get on the same page ahead of the months of work to come. We have a lot of experience and knowledge to share, and we want to help you to organise the best WOC ever.”

“Since I started working at the IOF, we have visited the organisers of each upcoming WOC during the winter months. As a small federation, we tend to conduct a lot of meetings via phone or video call (in an attempt to save both money and the environment), but this is one of the meetings which we have found to be invaluable to hold face to face, as it is such an important part of building a good relationship with the organising team,” said Kirsty McIntyre.

As the athletes head into winter training, we will be working hard to bring them the best WOC we possibly can. See you in Latvia next summer!


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