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This is to be seen! World Championships in Riga and Sigulda.

Do not miss! From August 3 to 12, Latvia will become the centre of orienteering, as the 35th World Championship is taking place with more than 300 strongest athletes from 50 countries competing for 10 medal sets in 5 disciplines.

This is the first time that World Championship in orienteering sports is taking place in Latvia and it will bring together athletes from all over the world, including the 2017 World Championship medalists from Sweden, France, Switzerland, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, as well as orienteers from countries such as Australia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Egypt, China, USA, Republic of Korea, New Zealand and others. Of course, the orienteers of Latvia will go on to fight for medals. We remind that Latvia already has a world champion - Edgars Bertuks won gold medal in middle distance in 2012, meanwhile, in the 2017 world championship, the Latvian ladies' team was very close to the pedestal in the relay taking the fifth place.

The World Championship in orienteering is an exciting event for the spectators, so we encourage all interested sport fans to come to competition centres and enjoy the world championship atmosphere and cheer for the athletes. The competition centres will be arranged so that spectatorscan see it all - the start, the finish and most exciting events during the distance, furthermore using modern technology spectators will be able to keep track of the athletes’ course in the woods. In addition, sport goods shops and cafes will be available in competition centres.
Visiting the competition is free! (Excluding entrance fee at the Turaida Museum Reserve to attend the race arena on the relay and on the long distance)!



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